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VIDEO: Bullied gay student reunited with benefactor on "Ellen"

Remember the recent story about the bullied gay student whose car was defaced four times with anti-gay slurs and the body shop owner who restored the vehicle for free?

All good deeds should not go unnoticed, and the story of Jordan Addison and his benefactor Richard Henegar Jr. got international attention. And on Tuesday, the two men were reunited on the Season 10 premiere of “Ellen.”

Host Ellen DeGeneres said she was moved by the story.

“Sometimes a simple act of kindness can make your whole world change,” DeGeneres said. “When we heard this story, we knew we had to have it on our premiere show.”

DeGeneres talked to Addison before playing a tape of Henegar explaining why he got involved.

“I don't take discrimination of any sort kindly and I wanted to help this young man in any way I could. I kind of wanted to turn this negative situation into a positive one. Life gives me lemons and I make lemonade,” Henegar said.

After joining Addison on the couch on the set, DeGeneres praised Henegar.

“You are the kind of guy who gives everybody hope,” she said.

As often happens on “Ellen,” good deeds are rewarded. DeGeneres presented each man a check for $25,000, compliments of Cover Girl.