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Lesbian designer cut from "Project Runway" competition

After getting caught in the crossfire between Elena Silvnyak and Dmitry Sholokhov in the team challenge, menswear designer Alicia Hardesty got the Project Runway cut. TheInsider.com caught up with Project Runway's first out, lesbian designer to talk about being an example to others, why it sucks to go home and who, between Elena and Dmitry, was really the most difficult to work with!

TheInsider.com: How does it feel to leave now?

Alicia Hardesty: It sucks. I think everybody comes into the competition thinking they’re going to win … and I did the same thing. I had big plans ‘till the end, so it sucks when it gets cut short, but it was a good run I feel like I showed a lot of variety in what I can do and I stayed true to myself and carried myself well. So overall I’m very happy with the experience and how it’s played out on TV.

TheInsider.com: You were the first out lesbian designer on the show. Why was it so important for you to be out and open from the get go on the show?

Alicia: Well it’s a huge part of my life, it was a big thing for me to go through, a big thing for me to overcome when I did come out. I’m at a place where I’m totally cool with me and I’m in a good place I feel like I might as well just share. I know it its not a easy place for a lot people to be in. People struggle with being out all the time and you can get flack from people, it’s taboo in some places I just think its nice to be a person who’s comfortable, confident and out. People see that and like it and you know they relate to that and something they can look up to as well.

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