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SDPIX celebrates 10 years!

SAN DIEGO – In today’s economy, it is often difficult for small-business owners to stay afloat for more than a few years. Some, though, have worked their way through the economic challenges and only grow and thrive.

Such is the case with Hale Media, the parent company of San Diego Pix (SDPIX) and San Diego Gay & Lesbian News (SDGLN), which will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its SDPIX brand this Saturday night with a party at “Laser Party” at Rich’s nightclub.

The fabled tale features CEO and publisher Johnathan Hale, a man with a digital camera and a big idea.

A story written last year for the company’s ninth anniversary outlines this history of entrepreneurship, vision and success.

From those early days of taking photos of people in San Diego’s nightlife venues, to a full-fledged interactive media company that publishes a monthly print magazine and a daily news site that is viewed globally, the company’s 10-year anniversary is worth noting.

"Johnathan Hale has built a brand name and recognition for SDPIX that makes the monthly magazine a welcome institution in San Diego," said Ken Williams, Editor in Chief of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. "Readers can't wait to see if their photos are printed in the magazine or uploaded online."

Part of SDPIX's charm is that it is printed in an expensive, high-gloss format that is best for photographic reproduction, Williams said.

"Ten years is truly a milestone in LGBT media," Williams said. "Congratulation to Johnathan for achieving such great success with SDPIX."

Other current and former staff members, friends and supporters chimed in to share their thoughts on this milestone and to send congratulations to Hale and his decade of business success:

Margie Palmer, SDGLN contributor: "In the past 10 years, Johnathan Hale has revolutionized San Diego's LGBT media. What once started off as a man and a camera has grown into something far bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. I'm sure I do not stand alone in wishing him and those affiliated with Hale Media continued success."

Eddie Reynoso, former social media intern for Hale Media who works for Mo's Universe: “Congratulations Johnathan! The success of SDPIX has not been by accident. Your dedication, commitment and contributions to both your business and community is a testament to the positive and effective influence your leadership has provided. I’m honored to have met you, and thankful for the opportunity you gave me to learn from you.”

Arthur Atkinson, former account executive: “It's quite inspiring to have worked with Johnathan and to witness his steadfastness and dedication to providing quality news coverage to the LGBT community. I have rarely met any individual that is a self motivated ‘go-getter’ the way Johnathan is. Happy birthday SDPIX and here's to the next 10 years!”

Jennine Estes, SDGLN contributor: "Johnathan, you are a determined businessman who strives for success. Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary with SDPIX! I look forward to watching you continue to grow and expand both professionally and personally."

Zach Albrecht, SDPIX promotions assistant: "Years before I ever met Johnathan he was helping me stay up on cool, covering me head-to-toe in glitter and reminding me what I did over the weekend in photos. His fervent energy and SDPIX keep us engaged and more connected as a community and for this we should celebrate!"

Ken St. Pierre, former director of business development: "Working with SDPIX was so much fun. Johnathan and I would brainstorm some wacky ideas over lunch and then a few weeks later we would see those ideas come to life in the form of the hottest new party in San Diego! Anything we thought of would come to fruition. For the past 10 years I have watched SDPIX participate, volunteer and donate to countless non-profit LGBT organizations in our community - a true friend to our community!"

Rick Cervantes, former Social Media intern, also working at Mo's Universe now: “Working with SDPIX and Hale Media truly contributed to my growth, personally and professionally. I was able to connect with so many wonderful people, make some great business contacts, and had a great time while doing it. I continue to be a big fan of SDPIX and thank Johnathan for the fun memories he’s help make for so many people!”

Andrew McIntyre, Social Media and special events coordinator: “I never thought I’d be able to have the opportunity to work for this great company. Not only have I been able to work on some exciting projects, but I get to use my creativity to help expand our reach through social media and on-site promotions. Everything from daily Facebook posts to assisting at the weekly WET contests has really made this the perfect job! Thanks Johnathan for a building a great enterprise!”

The SDPIX 10-Year Anniversary Celebration: Laser Party will begin at 10 pm on Saturday, July 28, at Rich’s.

SDPIX members will receive $5 off cover before 11 pm. Those who are not members may text SDPIX to 313131 and show the welcome message to the cashier for the discount.

Also, registered SDPIX members are invited to a complimentary SKYY hosted bar from 10-11 pm. Those who are not registered and would like to take part in the hosted bar can pre-register HERE, and pick up their SDPIX VIP sticker at the event.

Free handheld lasers will be given to the first 500 people through the door.

Rich’s is located at 1051 University Ave.

Check out SDPIX online.