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VIDEO: Openly gay singer Nhojj featured in innovative music video

NEW YORK – Nhojj, the award-winning singer who grew up in Guyana, has just released a new music video called “MUSIC and the word.”

The video is directed by Emmy-nominated Michael Burlingame, and “combines words and music to ignite a powerful affirmation,” said Ron San Marchi, representing the singer. “It's a moving reminder that we are all created in the image of God. Enjoy and share.”

“MUSIC and the word” chronicles Nhojj as he prepares for the landmark “Out & Proud” Brooklyn Museum First Saturday concert, and uses interview, rehearsal and performance footage to allow the alternative soul singer to elaborate on the power of music and the positive messages behind the lyrics of his songs.

The new project follows 2011’s music video of “Amazing Grace,” which used the traditional Christian hymn to uplift and inspire gays and lesbian who are fighting for marriage equality.

Njojj, who is openly gay, is the son of a church minister. He began singing at age 5. In 2005 he released "John Martinborough Coming Home" – interpretations of traditional Christian hymns, which includes his version of "Amazing Grace." Nhojj has incorporated lyrics from “Amazing Grace” in two of his original songs -- "Lost/Found" from his award-winning 2003 CD "Someday Peace Love & Freedom," and "Things Will Get Better," the 2010 single, released in response to gay suicides due to bullying and abuse.

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