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The best kid-friendly Uptown restaurants

As I mentioned in my last column here, and as goes without saying for most Uptownians, one of the great assets of our area is the wonderful variety of neighborhood restaurants. From massive fish burritos for five bucks to white tablecloths and bay views, you can get pretty much whatever you crave around here, including traditional cooking from different countries.

Before having kids, my wife and I loved trying new restaurants in the area when they opened, and frequenting our handful of go-to eateries. When our twin girls were born in 2009, it became a little tough to stay abreast of the food scene. We were limited to places that had sufficient floor space for car seats or strollers, and were noisy enough that a screaming infant wouldn’t attract much attention. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to enjoy eating out again before the kids were in high school.

Once the girls got old enough to feed themselves without causing too much environmental damage, however, we eventually resumed visiting restaurants with about the same frequency as before.

We just do it differently now. In the old days, we would rarely eat before 8:30. Now, we’re competing for tables with the early-bird special crowd.

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