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TONIGHT: Sue Palmer, Eve Selis, Lisa Sanders hit stage at Croce's to raise money for ailing Candye Kane

SAN DIEGO -- Get ready for some great entertainment for an even better cause.

Local legend and Queen of Boogie Woogie Sue Palmer in conjunction with Croce's Restaurant and Jazz Bar, is hosting a benefit concert for another local legend, international blues singer, Candye Kane.

The concert will be tonight (Wednesday) March 21, 2012 from 7:30 - 11:30 pm at Croce's, at the corner of 5th and F Streets, downtown. Admission is only $10.

Fresh off of another run of her Toughest Girl Alive stage play, Kane suffered a set back at the tail end of that run when she learned her pancreatic cancer had returned.

She had successfully battled the disease several years ago and has been busier than ever since her recovery.

"Ingrid [Croce] very sweetly provided the space, her sound guy and is helping me with the money," Sue Palmer explained to San Diego Gay & Lesbian News.

"I hope lots of people come, it will be a fabulous, fun event and we'll be talking a lot about Candye."

Kane is currently in the midst of an extensive European tour, despite her illness and upcoming surgery at the end of April. She plans to play as long as possible before entering the hospital.

Proceeds from tonight's concert will go directly to benefit Kane, since her recovery may take months and she'll be unable to perform, which is her livelihood. The blues diva is also uninsured, so monies raised will also help with what are sure to be extensive medical bills to eradicate the cancer.

"Candye is one of the treasures of San Diego -- and now the world. She truly is one of the most talented people on the planet, full of all kinds of creativity and I want her to feel the love," Palmer said.

Kane was humbled by plans for the benefit, and took to Sue Palmer's Facebook page all the way from Luxembourg, to display her gratitude:

Thank you so much Sue for organizing this concert for me tonight at Croces. your hard work may make it possible for me to even cut my tour short and come home a little bit earlier. i am so grateful to you and Ingrid Croce Lisa Sanders, Eve Selis, Steve Wilcox, David Mosby, and all the great performers coming together for my benefit tonight. God Bless you all. Send me positive thoughts on April 27th when I have surgery at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

"We all love Candye, and she's done so much for our community and the local musicians community. She's helped our careers and used us on her records and tours," Palmer said. "I toured with her for 10 years all over the world. She wore me out. But she's still out there doing it, even though she's not feeling well."

Kane has been keeping fans updated on her both her tour and her health through her own Facebook page. A recent post mentioned she had to sit down through an entire show, but is looking forward to the rest of the tour.

Tonight's line-up to benefit Candye Kane

Many other local performing artists will join Sue Palmer and her Motel Swing Orchestra on stage for the effort.

  • Eve Selis -- Americana / roots and countryesque singer
  • Lisa Sanders -- acclaimed singer-songrwiter, with a Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt style
  • David Mosby -- Guest vocalist for Sue Palmer's Motel Swing Orchestra

The suggested admission price is $10 but attendees are encouraged to give more if they can.

Palmer will also donate the proceeds from sales of two albums that she and Kane released together, Swango and One Night in Belgium (see photos, top left). There are the last known copies of Swango left in print, so it is a Candye Kane lover's collector's item.

For more information about this heart-filled event, or to donate to Candye using PayPal, visit Sue Palmer's website.