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DVD REVIEW: “Abrupt Decision” looks at how a gay couple are impacted by life-altering events | VIDEO

Writer-director-producer Paul Bright readily admits that his new film “Abrupt Decision” is his “most personal story.”

“Abrupt Decision” stars Steve Callahan (“Role/Play,” “Make The Yuletide Gay” and “East Side Story”) as Denis and David LaDuca (“The Wannabees” and “Theft”) as Milosz, longtime partners who have grown estranged over the years and living a largely loveless life.

One day Denis, who has devoted his entire adult life to working as an IT expert for an unappreciative company in the nation’s capitol, finds himself fired from his job and unemployed. While Milosz tries to lend support, the stay-at-home blogger soon finds having Denis underfoot all day is more than he can take. Their shaky relationship becomes even more strained as a result.

Meanwhile, Denis’ Mom (Peggy McConnell) tries to encourage her son to pick up the pieces, and tells him to adopt a dog from the pound. Then another family crisis occurs, a cruel twist of fate that forever impacts the couple’s relationship – in a good way. No spoiler alerts here.
The adoption of a pet forever changes the life of Denis, who learns that the local pound euthanizes pets due to overcrowding. And he adopts another dog, and another one … you get the picture.

Bright explains how he came about making this movie in an explanation on the back jacket cover of the DVD:

“I wrote this movie because I feel my generation is lost.

“We succeeded as young men, overcame the rough economic times of our youth, and worked harder than any generation before to build a safety net.

“Now many of our careers have crashed, our relationships have grown stale, and we have the added responsibility of caring for aging parents who didn’t face the challenges we do.

“This is my story of one man who makes a very brave decision to save hundreds of lives and as a result saves himself.”

“Abrupt Decision” is not a great film by any stretch of the imagination, and the acting is pedestrian at times. But the film has its shining moments and is relevant by illustrating the economic hardships of our times through the lens of a gay couple struggling in love and life.

The details
Filmmaker Paul Bright is selling the DVD for $12, plus shipping costs, HERE. The DVD retails for $19.95 at Amazon.com.