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VIDEO: GLAAD's What To Watch This Weekend

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

Kristin Chenoweth's new mean girls comedy "GCB" premieres on Sunday, Frank walks in on Ian and Mickey during an intimate moment on "Shameless," "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta" shows two brides-to-be struggling with finding dresses to fit their unique personalities and situations, David Bromstad struggles with a dark master bedroom suite on "Color Splash" and all new episodes of "The Good Wife," "Spartacus:Vengeance" and "Days of Our Lives."

Friday, March 2

Check local listings: Days of Our Lives on NBC (1 hr) NEW

Lucas returns with a fiancee and not everyone in Salem is happy for the couple. Brady and Madi get back together; Austin and Carrie attempt to go on a romantic vacation, but their plans are ruined with Abigail follows the pair; Gabi thinks Chad is trying to romance her.

9 pm: Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta on TLC (30 mins) NEW

One unique bride-to-be struggles with finding a dress that matches her vibrant personality, while another woman's uncertain future hinders her search for a dress and her plans for her wedding in general.

10 pm: Spartacus:Vengeance on Starz (1 hr) NEW

Spartacus works to gather the rebels for training to defend their new homeland and Glaber fills his ranks with powerful and important new recruits.

Saturday, March 3

9 pm: Color Splash on HGTV (30 min) NEW

David Bromstad and his team struggle with redesigning a master bedroom suite when the homeowners want the inspiration to be "shade".

Sunday, March 4

9 pm: The Good Wife on CBS (1 hr) NEW

Alicia defends a filmmaker when his documentary is blamed for a student's suicide. Changes are taking place at the firm and Peter will learn the harsh cost of taking the moral high ground.

9 pm: Shameless on Showtime (1 hr) NEW

Frank catches Ian and Mickey in a compromising position when he stops at the Kash and Grab. Lip wants to drop out of school, but Fiona promises that she will get her GED if he promises to stay in school. Meanwhile Steve decides to coach Carl's football team, Lip takes Karen to visit several adoption agencies even though he is not happy with her plan and Jody and Sheila comfort a dying Grammy.

10 pm: GCB on ABC (1 hr) SERIES PREMIERE

In ABC's new comedy about Christian mean girls starring Kristin Chenoweth, disgraced widow Amanda Vaughn returns to her mother's Texas home with her children to get a fresh start away from their troubles in California. Amanda is confronted by four ladies that she was horrible to in high school that now rule the town and they want Amanda to leave. Be sure to keep an eye on the marriage of Cricket Caruth-Reilly and closeted husband Blake Reilly (Mark Deklin). Watch a sneak preview of the pilot below.

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Left photos- "Spartacus" on Starz; "Color Splash" on HGTV, "The Good Wife" on CBS. Courtesy: GLAAD.