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TONIGHT: Sophie B. Hawkins transcends to a new level

Grammy-nominated artist Sophie B. Hawkins is back with a concert at the Ramona Mainstage -- TONIGHT -- March 2 [at 7pm] and the release of her long-awaited latest album, “The Crossing.”

The new album, which will be released at the Ramona performance, features new songs, as well as piano-acoustic versions of Hawkins’s biggest hits, “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” and “As I Lay Me Down.”

It has been 20 years since “Tongues and Tails” — the album that spawned “Damn I Wish I was Your Lover” — but Hawkins said she is grateful for her first single and continues to search for meaningful ways to express herself.

"'Damn' is not just a single. It is still a relevant, beautiful piece of poetry and music. I am really proud of it," Hawkins said.

“It’s great that you are talking to me 20 years later, because when I put that album out, I didn’t think I would make it to the second [album], but I am still here,” she added.

Hawkins said she has come to terms with the fact that the music industry was not going to continue to demand new singles from her and that creating music has become her own process. “The Crossing” is, in many ways, an embodiment of that attitude, she said.

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