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VIDEO: GLAAD's What To Watch on Tuesday

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

The It Gets Better special premieres tonight on MTV and Logo, Warblers and New Directions go head-to-head in "Glee's" winter finale, John babysits a film crew on "Southland," "White Collar's" Neal Caffrey is brought in to steal a valued item from Yankees Stadium and all new episodes of "Days of Our Lives," "Tabatha Takes Over" and "Undercover Princes."

8 pm: Glee on Fox (1 hr) WINTER FINALE

It's Regionals time and things are heating up as New Directions take on the Dalton Academy Warblers. Sebastian is still the Warblers captain and he won't let anyone get in the way of a win.Meanwhile, Rachel's dads have something to say about their daughter's engagement to Finn.

8 pm: Days of Our Lives on SoapNet (1 hr) NEW

Sami refuses to let go of the past while Jack desperately wants to distance himself from his own prior relationships. Austin and Carrie come up with a plan to save their marriage and Madison tries to counsel them with poor results.

10 pm: Tabatha Takes Over on Bravo (1 hr) NEW

Tabatha tries to turn around a New Jersey salon that is failing because of a passive aggressive owner and unhappy employees.

10 pm: Undercover Princes on TLC (1 hr) NEW

The princes spend a night at a local Brighton club and it seems like Prince Africa may finally have had some luck in finding a date.

10 pm: Southland on TNT (1 hr) NEW

John and Tang are stuck with supervising a documentary film crew and Sammy works to make amends after a young man who had agreed to testify in one of his cases is killed. Lydia is challenged to don the uniform and act as shift supervisor for the day, but it may be too much for her body to handle.

10 pm: White Collar on USA (1 hr) NEW

Neal is reminded of what life could be like as a high end thief again when he is hired to steal a prized piece of Yankees memorabilia by a wealthy fan.

11 pm: It Gets Better on MTV, Logo (1 hr) NEW

The It Gets Better special focuses on the lives of three young people: a man struggling with coming out to his family and friends, a lesbian who just wants her mom to accept her, and a transgender man preparing to get married. Videos from Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller, the creators of the It Gets Better Project, will be featured; as well as surprise celebrities with messages of support. Watch the trailer below.

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