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DVD REVIEW: “Black Briefs” goes to the dark side of gay cinema

“Black Briefs,” a compilation of six dark-themed gay short films, comes to DVD today.

The release by Guest House Films will not be everybody’s cup of tea.

The DVD starts off with “Spring,” directed by Hong Khaou. The 13-minute short dives into S&M sex as a handsome young man meets up with an older stranger for a frightening experience that will change his life. Few films have taken up auto-erotic asphyxia, a potentially deadly sexual experience, and that theme adds extraordinary tension for viewers who might wonder if they are watching a “snuff” film.

Next is “Remission,” directed by Greg Ivan Smith. The 14-minute short is about a middle-aged gay man who retreats to his secluded cabin to await word on his cancer biopsy. The chills begin when his cell phone goes dead and he begins to sense that he is not alone in the woods. This film won the Horror Film Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

”Winner Take All,” which was shown Aug. 28 at FilmOut San Diego’s 13th annual LGBT Film Festival, is a 17-minute short directed by Camille Carida. It’s about a self-absorbed actor and master manipulator who persuades his two boyfriends to fight each other, with himself as the prize. Gay comic and actor Alec Mapa co-stars in this film with a twisted twist for an ending.

”Promise,” directed by Lalo Vasquez, is a 20-minute short about a “perfect couple” who are about to be married. But the two grooms-to-be discover during their bachelor party that things aren’t what they seem, and the night before their wedding things turn sexually violent.

”Video Night,” directed by Jim Hansen and Jack Plotnick, is a 6-minute short about how a fun night making homemade videos turns into a nightmare of horror when the friends discover something unexpected on rare video they were reviewing.

The DVD concludes with ”Communication,” a 19-minute short directed by Christopher Banks. An Orthodox Jewish student inherits his estranged mentor’s estate and discovers a painful truth about their unusual relationship. This won Outstanding Short Film at the QBliss Creating Change Community Awards.

“Black Briefs” is Guest House Films first foray into distribution. The company was founded by Rob Williams and Rodney Johnson in 2005, and has released five films: “Long-Term Relationship,” “Back Soon,” “3-Day Weekend,” “Make The Yuletide Gay” and “Role/Play.”

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