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VIDEOS: GLAAD's What To Watch This Weekend

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

Tune in Friday as Lucretia works to move up the ranks on "Spartacus: Vengeance," two brides deal with unpleasant circumstances on "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta," and election results will be challenged on a new "Days of Our Lives."

Catch "Color Splash" on Saturday and see David Bromstad's team renovate a master bedroom.

Wrap up the weekend on Sunday with "The Good Wife" as the firm leads a lawsuit on a software company with shady dealings, Lip and Ian's argument reaches a boiling point on "Shameless," and "Downton Abbey" does Christmas.

Friday, Feb. 17

8 pm: Days of Our Lives on SoapNet (1 hr) NEW

One candidate is brought in by the Salem PD as the election results are challenged, Stefano finally opens the letter from Alice, and John and Hope end up in Alamania all alone. The couple must stay for two weeks while their marriage is annulled.

9 pm: Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta on TLC (30 mins) NEW

One woman has a disagreement with her grandmother about her wedding dress, while another bride-to-be is forced to move up her wedding date due to her fiance's health concerns.

10 pm: Spartacus: Vengeance on Starz (1 hr) NEW

Lucretia researches Iliythia's past in hopes of forming a connection with a powerful Roman leader. Crixus gets separated from the group as Spartacus attempts to lead them through the woods to safety, Crixus finds himself in a place that brings painful memories of his past to the surface. Watch a character profile on Lucretia below.

Saturday, Feb. 18

9 pm: Color Splash on HGTV (30 mins) NEW

David Bromstad and his team turn a master bedroom into a Zen retreat modeled after a tropical garden.

Sunday, Feb. 19

9 pm: The Good Wife on CBS (1 hr) NEW

The firm leads a class-action lawsuit against a software company that illegally sold their programs to the Syrian government.

9 pm: Shameless on Showtime (1 hr) NEW

Lip attempts to get back on Karen's good side and creates a prenup for her and Jody, meanwhile the tension between Lip and Ian finally escalates into physical violence. Jasmine invites Fiona to David's boat party, but doesn't warn her that Steve and Estefania will be there as well. Frank gets tired of Grammy Galagher and wants her to leave, but the rest of the family (particularly Fiona) want her to stay. Check out the preview below for season two of Shameless.

9 pm: Masterpiece Classic: "Downton Abbey," on PBS (2 hrs) NEW

The family gathers for the holiday season at Downton and chaos ensues. Bates is on trial for the murder of Vera; Robert counsels Mary on relationships; Matthew works to accept his guilt over Lavinia's death; Thomas continues to manipulate those around him in hopes of advancing his rank; Daisy and William's father grow closer; Edith reunites with a former beau; Rosamund has a prospective suitor that may only care about her wealth and a new assistant causes trouble in the kitchens.

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