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Name: Micheal Murray

Age: 27

Hometown: Raised in San Juan Capistrano, Orange county till 12 yo then lived in Oceanside till 22 years old.

Single or taken: I'm single at the moment, casually dating till I decide otherwise.

Do you make enough money as a go-go dancer or do you have another occupation besides dancing? If so, what is it?

Go-going in San Diego is more for the flat fee [paid by the clubs] than the tips. I think of it as my fun job that provides me with fun money or emergency money.

I worked two other jobs until recently, now it's just narrowed down to my primary job, as a personal assistant at a photography studio in Point Loma.

For the previous year I did Homecare for paraplegics with one main patient/friend, Jonathan Craig, who passed away on Dec. 12, 2011.

When did you get into go-go dancing, and why?

About two years ago I tried out on a Voltage Saturday at Rich's by suggestion of one of my good friends who worked there (DJ John Joseph). I had been on a mission to get fit for the previous year and after nearly a year of personal training and boot camps, I thought, "what the hell, why not?"

It was my ultimate test. I had had a really bad year and decided I needed to mix up my life a little.

Where do you usually dance at?

Starting at Rich's, I then began dancing Numbers, The Flame, Spin and then Bourbon Street. I most frequently dance at Rich's and Bourbon Street now.

Out of town, I've also danced at Krave in Las Vegas and Hulas in Oahu, Hawaii.

Do you have a favorite venue to dance at, and why?

There are good qualities and people at all the bars I have worked at that I love, but I always felt dancing at Rich's was the most intense and energetic, especially since it took my "go-go virginity."

What's the worst pick-up line you've ever received while up on the box?

The worst pick up line I've ever had while on a box was actually a brother and sister trying to make me "choose between me or my brother to take home." I nearly died laughing.

What was your largest denomination tip (and is there a backstory behind that)?

I never really count on tips, but it's a huge plus when someone drops a $20 bill. The best tip I can ever remember was getting three 20's in a row by a more than friendly Marine who insisted we go to lunch the next day.

What's the funniest interaction you've had with someone on the dance floor?

In the first few months working, I ran into one of my old friends who worked next to me for two years when I managed a drugstore in Clairemont.

I was on a break and came to the front bar for a drink. As soon as I got to the bar I heard an "Oh my God, Mikey?" After our reunion he said "so this is what you were hiding under that suit."

How do you stay in shape for dancing?

After all the personal training and boot camps, I kept up with the gym regularly and also incorporated lots of light gymnastics into my routines, to increase my flexibility and tone, along with weights.

I stay away from cardio because I dance like no one is watching. I get four hours of it at least once a week, which is more than enough. I was always the skinny kid, so I knew where my focuses in working out had to go, with my strengths.

What advice would you give to a newcomer who wants to start working up there on the box?

The best advice I can give newcomers is to have fun and enjoy yourself, dance like you are your own party, because if your energy is right, you are! Always respect everyone you work with and who you entertain, because good karma always comes back!

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