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GLAAD's What To Watch on Tuesday

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

Rachel's dads finally make an appearance on tonight's Valentine's Day-themed "Glee," "Days of Our Lives" finds Will unsure about what exactly the right thing is, John identifies with a suicidal teen on a new episode of "Southland," and the princes try their hand at speed dating on "Undercover Princes."

8 pm: Glee on Fox (1 hr) NEW

Rachel's dads, Hiram and LeRoy Berry, visit McKinley High, but they may not be as supportive of Finn and Rachel's engagement as they seem. Will challenges the club to find the world's greatest love songs, and Mercedes continues to struggle between choosing Sam or Shane.

8 pm: Days of Our Lives on SoapNet (1 hr) NEW

Will is concerned about the morals involved in the task Nicole sets for him, Carrie and Sami bring up a character's past and Austin takes an unexpected side, and Abe and Jenn face an ethical dilemma on election day in Salem.

10 pm: Undercover Princes on TLC (1 hr) NEW

The princes try speed dating and are surprised by their success, each finds a handful of suitable dates.

10 pm: Southland on TNT (1 hr) NEW

John tries to save a suicidal teen whose situation hits very close to home. Sammy convinces a former addict to turn informant, Tang gets a visit from her past, while Lydia and Ruben investigate a home invasion that isn't what it appears to be.

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