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GLAAD's What To Watch on Thursday

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

New episodes of "30 Rock" and "Archer" bring the laughs tonight. Inspire your muse with a unique take on couture from "Project Runway All Stars." A surprising and emotional new "Grey's Anatomy" offers an alternate universe for Meredith and the Seattle Grace team.

8 pm: 30 Rock on NBC (30 mins) NEW

Liz and Jack argue over contract negotiations, leaving Kenneth feeling snubbed and he seeks a new page assignment. Tracy and Jenna work as entertainment at a Bar Mitzvah for their accountant's son.

8 pm: Days of Our Lives on SoapNet (1 hr) NEW

Will reveals a gift from EJ and Sami is left speechless when Madison calls off their plot against Kate. Hope comes to a decision about her safe deposit box, while Nicole continues to wear down Will.

9 pm: Grey's Anatomy on ABC (1 hr) NEW

Meredith starts to wonder "what if...?" and pictures an entire alternate universe for herself and the staff of Seattle Grace. Among the scenarios: her mother had never fallen victim to Alzheimer's, Meredith never met Derek and he stayed with Addison, and Callie and Owen became a couple before she met Arizona. Watch the first ten minutes below.

9 pm: Project Runway All Stars on Lifetime (1 hr) NEW

The All Stars literally take the clothes off your back as they hit the streets of New York to find pieces for new outfits.

9 pm: NY Ink on TLC (1 hr) NEW

Robear tries speed dating and a rift between Billy and Ami could have disastrous consequences for their relationship (and Billy's career!).

10 pm: Archer on FX (30 mins) NEW

ISIS team up with the Mounties to transport a Canadian terrorist

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