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DJ PROFILE: Marcel Hetu

Name: DJ Marcel Hetu

Age: 28

Hometown: Riverside, Calif.

Single or Taken: Taken

Where can people find you?

I spin mostly in San Diego at Rich’s, Bourbon Street, Numbers, Spin and the Flame. I also [perform] at many other special events and fundraisers.

Do you have a website, and if so, what is the address?


When did you start spinning?

I have been interested in deejaying since I was 13. I worked and saved up money to buy a set of turntables and a mixer. I did lots of events in high school, including some of my high school dances.

When I moved to San Diego to go to school, I had a lot of doors open, [thanks to] close friends that helped to get me into the club scene here. Been having a blast ever since!

Vinyl or CDs?

I can spin on either. I learned on turntables, and deejayed at a time where you would have to carry around a crate of records. I hated cleaning the needles and worrying about records getting scratched or damaged. Digital interfaces have made it so that I can still use CDs to mix songs, but I can organize my music much more efficiently and mix music videos.

What type of music do you spin?

Tribal, House, Hip-Hop, Top 40 and anything by a “Diva.”

What type of music will you NOT spin?

Bad music and anything past 1990.

What is the most bizarre song request you have received?

Usually I get really good requests, but people request them at the wrong time. If I am spinning an early evening T-dance event, it is usually unfitting to take requests for hard electro or gangsta rap. If I am spinning a hip-hop night, I probably won’t play Miley Cyrus.

What song do people request the most?

Calvin Harris/Rihanna-We Found Love. Rihanna is pretty much unstoppable; she has always had hits ever since I started spinning at the clubs here.

Do you adjust your music to fit the crowd? How?

I spin all different types of music, from circuit-style house to hip-hop. Sometimes it is set by the promoter or manager, but there is always flexibility to be creative with a set.

For example, if I am spinning a dance set, I will usually do an hour of random styles and see what gets people on the dance floor. Once I know I have the crowd, I let the energy build from there. I hardly ever spin anything "techno-like" to a hip-hop crowd. It kills the dance floor.

What is the funniest thing you have seen on the dance floor?

I love when guys and gals come up with dances together and work it out on the dance floor. I have seen big muscle men do the whole dance to single ladies and others do a full-on production to other songs. I always have a huge smile on my face when I see people do the Wobble or Cupid Shuffle.

What is the most scandalous thing you have witnessed while spinning?

Straight couple having sex on a sub-woofer next to me while DJing was pretty scandalous. I have seen a series of body parts being flashed as well. The shock value wears off after doing this for a while.

Which venue or party was your favorite to play at?

Each venue has something unique to offer. For the sound system: No venue comes close to matching Spin at 80,000 watts of quality sound. I also love spinning at Rich’s, because they have the latest and greatest DJ toys and a ginormous LED wall. I love spinning anywhere with a crowd and friendly people.

What do you love most about being a DJ?

The people I get to meet and work with. I have met tons of cool people doing this, some that are now very close friends of mine. I am thankful and appreciate every booking I get. It really is one of the coolest jobs.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into your profession?

I would say be willing to invest into yourself and your passion. If you are trying to get into DJing, then music should be your passion. Once you have mastered "the bedroom DJ gig"; you can build some great connections by volunteering yourself to spin at charity events and private parties.

What song best describes you and why?

Alexis Jordan “Happiness.” It is rare that I am not smiling. I love being happy!

Note: You can catch Marcel spinning this Sunday at Church brought to you by Babycakes and Flak Productions.

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