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VIDEO: Local LGBT icon Jason Wimberly to appear on MTV's "MADE"

NEW YORK – Former San Diegan Jason Wimberly is making dreams come true.

The gay beauty, style, fitness expert and community personality recently participated in an episode of MTV’s hit makeover show, "MADE." Wimberly’s episode will debut on Saturday, Dec. 3, at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT.

Each edition of the show follows the story of a teenager who has a dream that they are having trouble achieving on their own, be it due to a lack of confidence, resources or know-how.

“Why stand on the sidelines watching others live your dream? Are you too shy or you’re not cool enough to get in on the action? Or do you simply lack the self-confidence and motivation? Well, maybe it’s time to stand up and get MADE!” MTV describes of the series.

Wimberly spent several weeks this summer in the Missouri working with teenager Angie Tozer break out of her shell and enter the beauty pageant of her dreams, the Miss Captivating Midwest. Throughout the whole life makeover that unravels during the show, Wimberly helps Angie gain confidence, learn about herself, and grow in ways that will help her for life.

Not only did Wimberly enjoy the experience, but he said he has gained a new friend for life.

“Not just in Angie, but with her family,” Wimberly said. “On day one [of filming] when I met her mother, she gushed that she had always wanted a son, since Angie had two sisters. Of course, I was happy to let her that with me, it’s sort of like getting both a son and a daughter!”

While living in San Diego, which Wimberly has often called his home base, he was known for his sometimes outrageous, gender-bending stlye, not being afraid to strap on a pair of high heels. Wimberly has expert taste when it comes to both men’s and women’s style, so helping a young woman compete in a pageant was right up his alley.

But Wimberly said that it was Angie’s determination to show the world a new side of herself that was most inspiring.

“She no longer wanted to be identified as the chubby little girl who lost her dad,” Wimberly said. “She wanted to be more. A true testament that we can do whatever we want … with a little determination and a little Wimberly in your life.”

What's next for Wimberly?

Besides his appearance on MADE, Wimberly has other projects in store to support youth, particularly the young LGBT community.

Soon, he will launch a website called FairyGayMother.com, which will be an online resource for LGBT youth and those who are questioning their sexuality to learn, talk and find resources and help.

“I have always gotten emails from gay youth over the years asking how I got the courage to come out, and where my confidence came from,” Wimberly said. “I know my family and their support was a huge part of that for me, and hopefully by sharing my stories, I can inspire others?”

Wimberly said he conceived the idea while in the Midwest with Angie, thinking, “If I were a young gay boy with questions here, where I go to ask?”

Once the website launches, Wimberly said he hopes to be able to analyze where the most site visitors seem to be coming from to determine what areas of the country have the greatest need so that he can help implement support programs in those places.

Wimberly said he is setting up the structure for the website and the nonprofit organization that will support it, hoping to have the first fundraiser early next year. Those interested in supporting this project should contact Wimberly’s team through his website.

What’s next for Wimberly? A move back to the West Coast to Los Angeles is planned for next month. Among his many other projects, Wimberley plans to become actively involved in the LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s Young Professional’s Council, a group similar to the San Diego LGBT Center’s Young Professional’s Council, which he helped found.

For more information about MADE visit MTV’s website.

Left photos: Jason Wimberly with Angie Tozer, during the filming of MADE.