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VIDEO: Is "Shish va Pish" Iran's first gay movie?

Does this look GAY to you?

That's GAY as in two men in a relationship, not pejorative GAY.

No? Well according to an Iranian clergyman is fair screams GAY (as in two men doing the wild thing together).

"Shish va Pish" is a new comedy featuring two top-selling Iranian actors and it has caused widespread controversy.

It's about two young male friends who want to strike it rich through 'wild' - and illegal - activities, like 'western-style' parties involving alcohol. All very taboo in Iran. Although the two actors are introduced as friends - and not gay partners - in the movie, their body gestures, show of emotions for each other, and constant physical contact have been interpreted by some of the audience as two men in a GAY relationship.

The stars are the extremely popular actors Mohammad Reza Golzar and Amin Hayati.

Well one conservative and highly influential clergyman, Ayatollah Alam ol-Hoda, in his review of the movie condemned it for "promoting Hollywood-style homosexuality".

During the Friday Prayer Imam in the holy city of Mashhad in Eastern Iran, he dedicated his Eid Praying service - which marks the end of the Hajj Pilgrimage - to the subject of promotion of cultural corruption in the society. In his sermon, he sharply criticized government officials for even licensing the movie, which, in his view, is part of a US conspiracy to undermine the morale of the Muslim society and promote homosexuality through laughter. Though he said "We are not opposed to the laughter and joy".

HT: Hossein Alizadeh

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