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FilmOut: Q&A with Dylan Vox, co-star of "Longhorns"

SAN DIEGO – Dylan Vox plays a rowdy frat boy in “Longhorns,” written and directed by David Lewis, which will be shown at 10:15 pm Friday, Aug. 26, at the Birch North Park Theatre as part of Film Out San Diego’s 13th annual LGBT Film Festival.

The 12-minute short “Rubdown” will be paired with the feature film.

Vox talked about his over-the-top comedy role as Steve, his new projects and his love for playing character roles, in an exclusive interview with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News.

Q: Do you think your fans are surprised by your performance as Steve, the rowdy frat boy?

A: I don’t think my fans are surprised about anything that I do at this point, lol. I have been extremely lucky to be able to play a lot of different types of characters in a lot of different types of projects, and I have had a blast doing it. I was never super interested in playing the “leading man” in movies as much as I enjoy playing the characters. I often get cast in the goofball or bad guy roles and I feel that they are more interesting to play, so hopefully people can see my range and can really appreciate how much I love doing what I do.

Q: The masturbation scene at the ranch house was hilarious as it turned into something else. Is this a gay guy’s fantasy, or a straight guy’s fantasy? LOL!

A: Lol, I have no idea if it was a fantasy at all! To me, one of the funniest things about "Longhorns" is that it takes place in a much more innocent time and in a much more innocent place and the “love scenes” are often so absurd that they have sweetness about them. There isn’t anything raunchy or too objectionable about them, and I really like that aspect. My character Steve is just a hornball and I don’t think he really has any ulterior motives, so it makes the scenes goofy and silly instead of smutty. I love the way that David Lewis approached the topic of sex without being so overt and was still able to keep that innocence despite the somewhat crazy scenarios.

Q: Who did you model Steve after? After all, you are a good ol’ Southern boy yourself, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to play a Texan.

A:I went to college in the South as well and when you are 20, sex is pretty much the only thing on your mind. I don’t see Steve as stupid as much as I see him as having a one track mind, so the folly of the film comes from the fact that the other characters are a little more three-dimensional. I like to think I have a little more development to my character than Steve, lol, but he definitely still has a lot of aspects of my own personality.

Q: TV viewers may recognize you from “Cove” and “The Lair.” You seem fond of vampire and sci-fi roles. Why is that?

A: Well when you are first starting out in any business I think people begin to associate you with the one thing they know you for. I basically got my start on "Dante’s Cove" and "The Lair,: so for a while those were the roles I was asked to play. I love working, so as long as I like the project I’m not really one to turn down something just because it may seem similar to what I have done before. I mean, if you think about it, Harrison Ford has played the exact same character for the last 30 years and no one seems to really care, lol. I really enjoy the sci-fi and horror genre because I love the action. I’ve gotten to play in "Titanic 2," "Battle of Los Angeles," "Aliens vs. Avatars," "Super Shark" and a whole slew of other films and they have all been such great fun, and even though they are sci-fi, they are very different characters and experiences. I did a film called "Vampire Boys" and I think the fact that I played a bad vampire in "The Lair" was something that concerned the casting director at first, but I brought something different to the character and I think the film is so different from the show that just because the characters both happen to be “bad vampires” doesn’t mean that they are anything a like. Again, I’ve been lucky and blessed with some great opportunities, so I can’t complain at all.

Q: What is something that your fans don’t know about you?

A: Well, with the Internet so prolific, I don’t think there is much that anyone doesn’t know about me, lol. A lot of the information is incorrect and inaccurate, but if I spent my time trying to set the record straight about things I wouldn’t have as much fun with the opportunities I have been given. I’m really just a movie dork who loves what I do. I work hard, I have fun and I try to get as much out of life as possible. I want to be able to get to the end and say I have no regrets, and so far I have been able to do things that people told weren’t even possible so I feel somewhat accomplished.

Q: What’s next for Dylan Vox?

A: Currently I am staring in a fantastic play called "Boomermania," which is a musical about the baby boomer generation. The show has been running for almost a year and has had a great reception with sold out audiences. I have a lot of theater credits and a few awards, so it is just another privilege that I have been afforded as an actor. I also am doing some behind the scenes projects that I have found to be equally as fascinating. I am working on a film for Lifetime right now, which has been an absolute blast. I have a new movie called “lovesick captivity” coming out soon, and will start filming a teenage suicide drama this fall. I have my fingers in a lot of pies, and I am so thankful to all of my fans and all the fantastic people I have worked with for giving me a chance to follow my dream. You can keep up to date with my projects at dylanvox.com or can follow me on Facebook. Thank you, again, for watching and make sure you check out "Longhorns!"

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FilmOut San Diego’s 13th annual LGBT Film Festival will concludes Aug. 26-28.

Almost 60 films and shorts will be shown at the historical Birch North Park Theatre.

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