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Justin Bieber lesbian look-alike Dani Shay becomes You Tube hit

Justin Bieber has spawned a cottage industry of lesbian look-alikes, and Dani Shay is no exception.

Except her parody of Bieber’s “Baby” has gone viral on You Tube with more than 427,000 views.

Shay, 22, has the Bieber haircut and a guitar, and she does a nice job on the song.

“I am stopped everywhere I go because people think I am Justin Bieber,” Shay writes in her intro to the music video on You Tube.

“Before I even knew who he was, no matter what I was wearing, I would be asked for photos, autographs, etc... This is my response to that. It expresses my initial confusion, the shock when I finally saw his face, the frustration with people ONLY seeing him when they see me, and the solution I've come to, as a way to balance what fate has delivered. I just want people to dig a little deeper. Anyways, Enjoy! One Love.”