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Comedian Shawn Pelofsky & SDPIX present “Social Media Meltdowns”

Comedian Shawn Pelofsky & SDPIX present “Social Media Meltdowns”

The saying is true: Laughter really is the best medicine and everyone could use a little bit of that right now. There might be no better way to get the cure than from the professionals whose job it is to prescribe it.

Crest Cafe is open for business!

Crest Cafe has served Hillcrest daily for 38 years, and continues to be there for the community serving hearty, healthy comfort food throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Disco anthem may help stop the spread of COVID-19

Whether it's a mantra for this time in world history, or a way to measure how long it should take to wash your hands, the song "I Will Survive," is finding a new life on the internet. 

Movie Review: "¡Gaytino! Made in America"

Movie Review: "¡GAYTINO! Made in America"

Dan Guerrero’s one-man show, ¡Gaytino! Made in America​, is set to charm audiences with two screenings at the 27th annual San Diego Latin Film Festival.

EXCLUSIVE: "LEGO Masters” Sam Hatmaker is building LGBTQ tolerance one brick at a time

No one is more surprised than Sam Hatmaker (above left, with building partner Jessica Ragzy Ewud) that he’s on a competitive LEGO building reality show.

The gender non-conforming gay contestant on Fox’s LEGO Masters is shocked that the show even exists, much less that he was selected to compete.