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Lesbian couple eliminated in "The Amazing Race"

SINGAPORE – Carol and Brandy, the lesbian couple competing on “The Amazing Race,” were eliminated in Sunday night’s episode, thanks to a power move by their rivals, the models Bret and Caite.

The couple, who had previously made catty comments about models Bret and Caite, were targeted by the models in the episode based in Singapore.

Bret and Caite used the “U Turn” option, which gave them the power to assign an extra task to another couple in the contest. The power play proved to be successful for the models, as Carol and Brandy finished last in the Singapore leg and were ousted.

The bickering brothers Dan and Jordan – one straight, one gay – chose a “Fast Forward” option to take on a difficult task which, if accomplished, would spring them past all the other contestants. Dan and Jordan finished first.

The popular CBS show is getting down to the wire with four couples remaining in the competition to win $1 million: brothers Dan and Jordan; models Brent and Caite; police detectives Louis and Michael; and rodeo competitors and brothers Jet and Cord.