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A weekend with Pablo Picasso – new workshop production starring Herbert Siguenza

SAN DIEGO -- Pablo Picasso was the first rock-star artist. His wild creations gripped the public imagination and forever changed 20th-century art. He enraged and engaged the intelligentsia with his flamboyant and controversial opinions.

The Lyceum Theatre invites you to discover a new kind of masterpiece theater with "A Weekend With Pablo Picasso" production series. Picasso’s revolutionary art comes to life as distinguished actor and writer Herbert Siguenza performs and paints on stage.

As a boy, Siguenza was given a photo album of Picasso at work in his studio. Stunned by the playfulness and creative freedom of the 77-year-old artist, he told his mother: “When I grow old I want to live like this man.”

Though Siguenza is best known for his comedic work with the Latino performance troupe, Culture Clash, he was first a visual artist. His new one-man tour-de-force allows him to demonstrate his unparalleled writing, acting and visual art skills, as he takes on the role of legendary artist Pablo Picasso.

Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” Aiming to capture onstage the mercurial soul and contradictory creations of Picasso, Siguenza will lead the audience through Picasso’s revealing critique of modern art and place them inside Picasso’s “Le Californie” art studio on the coast of France.

In addition to painting, Siguenza will also sing, clown, dance, draw, sculpt and impersonate mythical creatures in order to reveal the Picasso’s proclamations about children, war, creativity, ambition, destruction, cubism, God, love, hate, beauty, friendship, patriotism, eternity and art as an agent of social change.

The production will also include live and projected images of art from Picasso and his contemporaries.

A Weekend With Pablo Picasso continues through April 11. For production schedule and additional information, visit our Events Calendar.

Additional events supplementing each performance
Before or after a performance the Lyceum lobby will provide attendees with a one-of-a-kind experience with insights from extraordinary scholars, artists and unforgettable personalities.

Meet the Artists
Wednesday, March 31 @ 8:30pm (after the 7pm show) and Friday, April 2 @ 9:30pm (after the 8pm show)
Stick around after the performance for a revealing and unpredictable conversation with the various artists who worked on
"A Weekend with Pablo Picasso."

Sam’s Salon: Art Pros Talk Picasso
Thursday, April 1 @ 7pm (prior to the 8pm show)
Focusing an exact and true portrait of an artist as prolific, diverse and controversial as Picasso is a mighty task. Who better to answer the call than a trio of San Diego’s most respected and knowledgeable visual art curators? Julia Marciari Alexander and John Marciari from the San Diego Museum of Art along with with the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego's associate curator, Lucia Sanromán.

Artists and Their Passions: A Conversation with Lizet Benrey and Larry Caveney
Saturday, April 3 @ 9:30pm (after the 8pm show)
What makes artists paint or sculpt or construct? Where do artists find inspiration? Bernardo Ferdman, of Alliant International University, puts these and other questions before San Diego artists Lizet Benrey and Larry Caveney in a stimulating conversation about what inspires artiststo create.

Live Art Inspired by Picasso
Wednesday, April 7 @ 6pm (prior to the 7pm show)
Local artists will fill the Lyceum Lobby for this one-of-a-kind event. Each artist will create a unique work of art based on a specific Picasso piece, theme, or period and they will do it live, right before your eyes. All of the artwork created will be on display and available for bidding following the performance.