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VIDEO: ‘American Idol’: Sizing up Bowersox, Urban, Garcia

WHO MUST STAY: Of the three hours of “Idol” I watched this week, the two minutes when Crystal Bowersox graced my television were the only parts of the show worth watching. The thing I love about Crystal is that she’s authentic. She knows exactly what type of artist she wants to be and is excellent at what she does. Currently, Crystal is miles above the rest of the competition. She’s a rock star surrounded by a group of karaoke amateurs. So far her only competition has been Siobhan, but she needs more. Unless someone else steps up to the challenge, the show will become very boring very fast.

WHAT MUST GO: Any undeserved public displays of affection towards Tim Urban. Whether it was a hug from Ellen or Miley or screams from teenage fan girls, Tim has been getting a lot of unnecessary love lately. His performance this week was terrible and came off as desperate and conceited. It’s sad to think that voters think he’s even worthy enough to be performing on the same stage that once was home to REAL performers like Adam Lambert, David Archuleta, and Jennifer Hudson.

The worst part about Tim is that he actually has fans. Every time he gives a performance, tweens in the audience go crazy. Perhaps Tim’s slight resemblance to Justin Bieber is hypnotizing many of the tweens to flock in droves to their cellular devices. Who knows? Hopefully, there will be enough sensible “Idol” voters who will finally vote him out of the competition.

FINAL WORD: Although I hate to say this, it is time to say goodbye to Andrew Garcia. The kid showed so much potential at the beginning, but now it seems as though he’s lost himself. His performance last week was stiff, out of tune, and seemed to drag on forever. It reminded me of the time when I was ten and my parents bought me the “American Idol” video game for my birthday. The game was like Dance Dance Revolution. Hit the right arrow keys at the right moment and your character spews out brilliance. Hit the wrong keys at the wrong moment and your character sounds like a dead cat. Andrew’s vocal last week was as bad as if you accidentally hit all four arrow keys at the same time, creating a cacophony of unbearable noises.

Andrew seems like a nice person and I sincerely hope he can find his way next week and give viewers a performance that will remind them why they fell in love with him in the first place.

Kelly Lin is an SDNN contributor.