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VIDEO: Lesbians that rock - Bitter Sober

San Diego has really picked up the art and music pace, to my delight. Oddly or not so oddly enough, the homo core/queer core music scene is a frontrunner in this race.

I long have been attending and watching the queer music and art scene grow over time, until what used to be shows thrown by friends started to gradually draw in larger crowds. What used to be underground became the mainstream.

This scene, which used to be just in the heart of downtown or my beloved East Village, has sprawled into Hillcrest, North Park and just about everywhere else with queer musicians and artists at the helm.

These days, the queer women’s scene seems to be all about art, music and the DYI/punk re-emergence. It reflects what the girls have been seeking out and pushing forward for years.

Lesbian nightlife has been a hard market to tap and capitalize on. Nowadays, it is a market sought out by the straight bars for profit. It used to be at one time the lesbians and bisexual women would not venture too far outside of certain bars and safe areas for nightlife, but that has all changed.

At the moment, the name of the game seems to be cheap drinks, art and music. In the last year, the amount of these shows has drastically skyrocketed. I remember a time when locally there were very few queer shows in San Diego per year.

When there was, it was the homo core and queer core Northwest bands that came through on tour, such as Scream Club, Nicky Click and the Crunks Not Dead Crew. All worth mentioning and all putting on a performance that is fueled with the energy that only a troop of queers could deliver.

However as a music junkie, I wondered when would San Diego develop its own brand of homo core and what that would it sound like? The answer would be Bitter Sober. Headed up by lead singer Sherry Soto, they give all they have on stage.

They come packed with hard hitting vocals, passion and, most important, amazing music. They draw a crowd of loyal listeners, who go crazy for them. The best part about these shows are they are inexpensive, personal and without straight women soliciting money in scantily clad stripper garb.

It is a refreshing breath of air to see real queer women gathering together to enjoy something they created. It is the alternative option to the status quo of, bad music and attitudes offered in other venues. It is something new and much needed in the lesbian nightlife market.

As someone who grew up in the heyday of the riot girl/punk movement, it is a sigh of relief. It is a sign of queer women taking control of what they want out of San Diego lesbian entertainment, not just accepting what is currently out there.

So pull your Doc’s back out of the closet, stencil your biking cap, grab a can of PBR, and go see Bitter Sober at The Ken Club tonight (March 25). Ellamae and Long Live Logos are also on the bill. The doors open at 9 and the show costs $5.

It is important to support local queer arts and music, not to mention the girls are pretty easy on the eyes, I hope to see you all there.