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The new vegetarian: French toast goodness at Cafe 222

I’ve been meaning to check this place out since I saw it on the Food Network, and I really have no excuse since it’s walking distance from my place. When I finally had the chance, I was not disappointed.

I had to try the peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast. It sounded amazing: two thick slices of soft, warm bread lightly dipped in an egg batter and stuffed with delicious peanut butter and grilled bananas. Now, I’ve had stuffed French toast before, but never any this generous. Sitting pretty in between these slices of bread was a heaping amount of smooth and creamy peanut butter. Atop the peanut butter were warm banana slices. I loved that they cut the banana length-wise as I was able to get a good ratio of both banana and peanut butter with each bite. Serious yum. They served it with butter and syrup, but honestly, the dish didn’t really even need it. But…I do love my food wading in a small pool of syrup and it definitely hit the spot.

I also tried their pumpkin waffles. They make each waffle from scratch and I could literally see them making mine from the table. The batter tasted as if they stirred pureed pumpkin, but I would have liked a little more nutmeg or cinnamon thrown into the mix. It was good, but I was a little bored after eating halfway through, even with syrup and butter.

Overall, Café 222 had a great menu and I can’t wait to try their other innovative creations. Best stuffed French toast, hands down. I will crave this often, I know it.

Cafe 222 is located at 222 Island Avenue in San Diego. The restaurant can be reached at (619) 236-9902.

Lizette Brambila is a freelance animator, full-time vegetarian and San Diego native. She is also the co-owner of Frayed Threads Clothing.