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"Wonderland" looks tonight at history of San Diego Fire Department

SAN DIEGO—The Fire Department will be the focus of the latest episode of “Wonderland,” which airs at 9 tonight on KPBS (Channel 13).

Tonight’s episode will go into the history of the San Diego Fire Department and what a day in the life of a fire fighter is like.

Host Noah Tafolla describes his mission as this:

“San Diego's a great place to live. The problem is we get so busy, we don't have the time to enjoy it all. So I decided to take my camera and capture all I could.

“Come with me as I visit the neighborhoods and meet the people that make San Diego what it is today. I hope you enjoy watching the episodes of ‘Wonderland San Diego’ on KPBS, as much as I enjoyed filming them.”

To date, 32 episodes have already aired. Music for the show is provided by Paul Montesano.