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All Adam, all the time

The “Glamberts” were out in force on Saturday, Feb. 27, when the object of their/our obsession -- "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert -- performed his first solo concert ever at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio.

With an invitation-only pre-party for more than 600 guests (during which all of his Idol performances were screened), the night got off to an early Adam-adoration fest.

Of course, Goth attire was de rigueur at the sold-out “For Your Entertainment” show. The greater percentage of attendees dressed in black, many with lace and feather accoutrements, and of course, gobs of eye shadow. Adam-lovers came in all shapes and sizes, but the predominant age, gender and orientation of the crowd was a bit of a surprise.

Most were straight women in their 40s, 50s, and older, many of whom had traveled great lengths to get to the Coachella Valley. There was a contingency from New Zealand, a gang from the UK, as well as concert-goers from all over North America. Many were in groups, and some brought along husbands and boyfriends. What didn’t appear to be in large supply were the gay guys and gals who voted in vain to push Adam past eventual "Idol" winner Kris Allen.

Regardless of the relative absence of the queer quotient, revelers lacked nothing in the fabulousness department, and all exhibited nothing but sheer joy and energy during Adam’s 12-song, no-encore set. The vast majority of the 3,500 fans that packed the standing room-only auditorium found their “inner girl” and screamed at high pitch throughout the entire hour. The only point at which they stood in respectful silence was during Lambert’s rendering of my favorite song of his, the dramatic A.I. showstopper “Mad World.”

From start to finish, Lambert’s performance of his repertoire was tame compared to his American Music Awards “For Your Entertainment” number. Lambert did prance and dance and strut and sing his heart out, but he dispensed with kissing his keyboarder—and didn’t grab his crotch a single time. Not that anyone would have minded. For this audience, he could do no wrong.

To wit: There was a mid-60s straight couple behind me. She held up her tiny camera and taped the entire show. He exclaimed at least ten times, to no one in particular, “He is so amazing!”

Just before his final number, Adam warned all the “mother truckers” in attendance to get up and dance or he wouldn’t sing his last song. We did. He did. And everyone left feeling like they got exactly what they’d come for.

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