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The new vegetarian: Dirty Spaghetti at The Linkery

I decided to try The Linkery recently.

It may seem like an odd choice for a vegetarian, but they have quite a few vegetarian and vegan options as you can substitute Portobello for any of their sausage links.

Going for something new, I ordered their Dirty Spaghetti. I was pleasantly surprised. Made with a type of handmade Top Ramen-esque noodle and a splash of olive oil, it brought a lot of new flavors together in a pasta dish. Included were sweet baby carrots and mini chunks of russet potatoes, which added texture and volume. It was combined with Grana Padano cheese and garlic as well as collard greens – a nice fresh touch. Looking at my dish was like looking at the kitchen sink, but it was amazingly well put together. A good chef is someone who would actually think to pair all those ingredients together. Yum.

I made a little room for dessert, and while they all sounded wonderful, I knew I needed to share. I was in a bread pudding mood and just had to try theirs: The Wildflower Honey.

They make their bread fresh here, so I knew it would be amazing. We were not disappointed – we nearly licked the plate! Fresh chunks of warm and slightly toasted bread packed together just fell apart as we sunk our forks into it. The bread pudding was wading in a shallow pool of the most fresh and sweet honey I have ever tasted. I love how these guys grab all their ingredients organically and locally – you can definitely tell the difference. Atop this mountain of dessert bliss was a fluffy dollop of homemade whipped cream and a slice of lemon. We killed this dessert . It honestly didn’t stand a chance the minute it was left on our table.

Good eats!

The Linkery is located at 3794 30th Street in San Diego. You can reach the restaurant at (619) 255-8778.

Lizette Brambila is a freelance animator, full-time vegetarian and San Diego native. She is also the co-owner of Frayed Threads Clothing.