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Interview with a Ballet Dancer

The Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo will be here in San Diego for one performance only - Thursday, February 18th at 7:30 p.m., at the Balboa Theater.

The troupe travels around the world, performing a rather comedic ballet. Each member of the all male company performs both male and female parts - a drag ballet, if you will.

SDGLN contributor Alex Salazar stole a few moments with a member of the troupe de Trockadero, Davide Marongiu. Marongiu is a ballet dancer, born in Cagliari, Italy, who got his training at the American Ballet Theater School and the English National Ballet School. He joined Trockadero in 2005.

Let's listen in....

SALAZAR: How long have you been with the company?
MARONGIU: This is actually my first job.  I started in 2005.  I have always wanted to dance in point and I had heard of the company years ago, before I attended English National Ballet School where I got my training.  I went to London when I was 18 and I finished my training there on scholarship. During my last year, everyone was auditioning for a company.  I found out that this company was auditioning in France, so I went and I was hired. 
SALAZAR: Do you miss working with female ballerinas?
MARONGIU: I do!  Its funny that you mention that because every now and then, we have a girl that comes to the clas with us, maybe a friend of a friend, and I’m like oh yeah this is like it used to be like.  *Laugh* And I don’t do much partnering, but now its normal for me to carry a man and for a man to carry me.  It’s interesting, because I don’t think the men are that heavy, but when you put your hands on a girl you’re like oh yeah they are much lighter..
SALAZAR: So you get used to it? 

MARONGIU: Yeah.  You really do get used to it.
SALAZAR: So do you pick up more guys or you get picked up?  (In the performance.)

MARONGIU: Oh well.  Up until now I have picked up more than I have been picked up. Ha Ha Ha.
SALAZAR: What was your first role?

MARONGIU: I started as a swan.
SALAZAR: Is there anything that we should know about the troupe?

MARONGIU: You will see many of us do many dances but we perform many roles.  We are 16 and we dance it all. We love what we are doing and we have a lot of fun on stage.
 SALAZAR: Do you play both male and female roles in the production?

MARONGIU: Yes.  We all have male and female personas.
SALAZAR: What is your ballerina name? 


SALAZAR: Are there any straight men in the company?

MARONGIU: Hmmm… How do I answer that?  Hmmm... not at the moment.  HA HA HA.