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Taborah remakes Rene Geyer classic, 'Say I Love You'

NEW YORK _ Diva vocalist Taborah's remake of Renee Geyer’s 1981 dance classic, Say I Love You, is being released just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The remake infuses dance floors with its electrifying beat that also features Grammy-nominated percussionist Sammy Figueroa and club remixes by John Rizzo, Solar City, DJ Man, Casey Alva, Murray Hood, William Umana, Arenna and D1 Music, the producer.

Say I Love You is about the importance of telling your partner those three magic words,” Taborah said from her recording studio in New York City. “Even though a person may know that they are loved, sometimes the head needs to hear what the heart is thinking.”

Peter McLean, president of D1 Music, came up with the idea to re-make the classic track he grew up loving for its strong musical and vocal hooks. The original Say I Love You, written by Eddie Grant and sung by Aussie pop star Renee Geyer, was a huge Australian hit in 1981.

“The reggae/pop feel of Say I Love You is perfect for crossover appeal and the theme of the song is universal,” McLean said.

In collaboration with music partner Keith Kemper, McLean re-worked the instrumental to modernize the track. It took some time, however, to find the perfect vocalist for the remake.

While recording the 2009 summer remake of Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now in the studio with Taborah, McLean said he realized that he had found his voice for Say I Love You. Taborah said she quickly agreed to record, not only because she loved the song but because she could relate to its message.

“I was in a relationship recently where my boyfriend struggled every time he had to say the 'L' word,” she said. “When I said it to him he would respond by saying ‘me too’. I would say to him, ‘Oh, you love you too?’ He just didn't get it.”

She was also drawn to the song’s emphasis on forgiveness.

“Forgiveness is an act of self, not a selfish act. It's something that must be done in order to heal and move forward. When you reach the point that you are able to forgive someone, than you have succeeded in reaching the ability to love unconditionally. To err is human, to forgive is love.”

As far as when the right time is to say the words: “When you mean it,” Taborah said. “When you feel it and when you don’t expect anything in return. You should never quiet the heart. Let it speak.”

To further increase the international appeal of the track, Taborah also recorded the song in Spanish. Dime Te Amo along with the English version of the song, will be released this week to i-Tunes, Masterbeat.com and additional online retailers.

“We’re not afraid to tell Taborah we love her,” McLean said. “She is a great artist and a wonderful friend. We work so well in the studio together and her amazing talent and awesome voice always exceeds my expectations. We definitely plan to record a full-length album with Taborah soon.”

Say I Love You is expected to be another smash in D1 Music’s already impressive lineup of hits. The label released Lisa Hunt’s Top 5 Billboard hit This Joint Is Jumping, featured on the popular TV show, Queer As Folk. D1 Music also unleashed the critically acclaimed mixed compilation Mixpoint by John Rizzo and the Club Christmas collection— remixed takes on holiday classics. The Club Christmas albums hit the iTunes Top 50 Albums chart last year.

D1 Music’s next release will be their first single with dance floor sensation Debby Holiday, due out in March.