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Community Profile: DJ John Joseph

Name: John Joseph

Age: 28 but I still look 18! =)

Hometown: San Diego

Single or taken: Single

Where can people find you? San Diego – Rich’s, Bourbon, Spin, Syren Lounge | Los Angeles – Abbey, Mickey’s, Area, M-I6, Hyde | Las Vegas – Krave

When did you start spinning? I started spinning in high school at school lunches. It wasn’t anything special, but after a few years practice and many side jobs later I started in the clubs in 2007 and haven’t looked back! I love my job! =)

Vinyl or CDs? Well Serato – Never got into vinyl, started with CDs and then changed over to Digital with Serato and you use just 2 CDs .. much less to bring!

What type of music do you spin? Vocal house, electro, pop, tribal and hip-hop and I even mix in videos from time to time.

What type of music will you NOT spin? I don’t think I haven’t spun anything. I’ve probably done enough private events with the most random requests that you just make happen. So I can’t say I won’t at least try.

What is the most bizarre song request you have received? A very good friend of mine once requested "Moon River." A very slow song from the '50s … not so much for the club I have to say, but still very funny and bizarre!

What song do people request the most? At this very moment "TiK ToK" by Ki$ha because “it don’t stop, make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up!”

What is the funniest thing you have seen on the dance floor? A year ago I was spinning an event and it was a packed floor. I played the song “Let Me Think About It” and everyone was into it and all the boys were throwing their hands in the air and dancing like they just don’t care! I saw a girl get completely knocked off the go-go box by her friend because of it, and the funny part was he didn’t even know he knocked her off!

What is the most scandalous thing you have witnessed while spinning? I’ve seen plenty of people try to get away with sex on the dance floor. I sometimes spin in a two-story trellis and you see EVERYTHING! And I’m always up high and you can usually see right through the fog … so yeah I’ve probably seen it all.

Which venue or party was your favorite to play at? I love every place I play. I have a few experiences that just stand out: 1) My first L.A. Pride at the Abbey, being up in the two-story trellis overlooking 4,000 people and 2) would have to be my first real big event at Rich’s – Slumber Party! It was such a fun event and I was dead on with my music that night too!

What do you love most about being a DJ? I love the feeling I get when I’m making everyone smile, have fun and just get lost in the music. I was always told I was a people pleaser, kind of funny that it’s pretty much what I do for a living.

What song best describes you and why? "Naturally" by Selena Gomez because you are the thunder and I am the lightning! =)

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