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The Gaslamp is about to get a little gayer

The last time I partied in The Gaslamp I hit on one too many straight men- and to no avail.

That fact, in addition to $20 covers, light pours, no parking and a plethora of Jersey Shore wannabe’s, are just a few of the reasons why so many of us cling to Hillcrest nightlife. And while Hillcrest has treated us well; night… after night… after night, many a scene queen knows how easy it is to get burned out. (Not to mention that burns are on the rise since the gayborhood got a little smaller with the recent closing of the popular “omnisexual” hot-spot, Universal.)

So what’s a gay to do when they want a classier night out on the town and feels they have nowhere to go? The guys at Side Bar think they have an answer.

Enter “Circuit Sundays.” The Side Bar boys have partnered up with hottest acts in gay nightlife including San Diego Pix, Lovin Life Party, and Boink to launch their “alternative night” beginning Sunday, February 14th, in an effort to bring the gays, their girls and their “open-minded” guys out of the 'hood and into the Gaslamp.

Side Bar, which was voted as 2009’s Best New Nightclub and Lounge, has billed this event as “The other side of the Gaslamp,” and for good reason. Circuit Sundays at Side Bar has a line-up that is everything but routine and will feature The Perry Twins, gorgeous go-go’s, and acrobatic performances which seek to cater to the voyeurs, exhibitionists, and those of us who are just plain curious.

There is also no need to be tardy for the party as SDPIX and Arti Limo will be offering free shuttle rides from Hillcrest to Side Bar beginning at 8:00 p.m., with the last return to Hillcrest at 1:30 a.m.

The event, which is slated to continue each and every Sunday, seems to be the answer many of us scenesters have been waiting for. But are we gays ready to leave Kansas and see where the yellow brick road takes us? You bet your ass-less chaps and Dorothy’s glitter-studded stilettos we are!

I for one will be there with my Masquerade attire ready to show The Gaslamp how the gays get down. If you know what’s good for you – you’ll be there too!

For more information about Circuit Sundays and the Masquerade kick-off party on February 14th, be sure to check out their website or hit them up on Facebook.