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PFLAG's "Holding Families Together" 4 part series

Holding Families Together looks at social problems that result when parents reject their LGBT sons and daughters. Teens that come out are more likely to become homeless and turn to drugs, prostitution and crime. When rejected, these gay, lesbian and transgender teens become depressed and suicidal. Many problems are avoided, however, when young people receive the support they need.

Holding Families Together introduces viewers to three young people and their families. One became homeless and turned to prostitution and drugs. Another young person and his family survived the news through the help of PFLAG (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians And Gays). A third is transgender female-to-male, and the viewer gets an intimate glimpse of a family struggling to cope. Holding Families Together shares intimate moments with young people and their parents. It provides guidance from experts in the field and offers concrete solutions to the problems of families in crisis.

PFLAG's "Holding Families Together" part 1 of 4:

PFLAG's "Holding Families Together" part 2 of 4:

PFLAG's "Holding Families Together" part 3 of 4:

PFLAG's "Holding Families Together" part 4 of 4: