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Community spotlight: DJ Michael Paul

Name: Michael Paul

Age: 25 + a few more

Hometown: San Diego

Single or Taken: I'm a taken single

Where can people find you? In San Diego - Rich's & Bourbon Street, and in Los Angeles - Here Lounge & Eleven Nightclub.

When did you start spinning? I started spinning when I was really in grade school but professionally right after high school and made it a career choice.

Vinyl or CDs? I started with vinyl and used it for many years, but made the switch to CDs and now still using CD's (actually just 2) but all my music is now on my laptop in a like Virtual Crate with a program called Serato, that I can pick out music from but I still spin live with players and 2 CDs in the deck, so its lightened my load.

What type of music do you spin? Club to Circuit, music of House, Pop, Electro, Progressive, Tribal & Trance, even some hip-hop and classics from the days before.

What type of music will you NOT spin? Hmm, I have probably played a bit of everything, I guess Polka I would not spin, although I'm sure an amazing remix will come out called electronic polka that will sure be a hit, lol. Just kidding. I’m open to all music, as long as it keeps the dance floor moving. I’m not afraid to try a new song out, probably why I was asked to become a Billboard Reporting DJ.

What is the most bizarre song request you have received? I would have to say a slow dance song during a night where the club was packed and moving…. I was like… is this a school dance… gotta love drunk people.

What song do people request the most? I would have to say I get all different requests but the big one right now is GaGa of course…

What is the funniest thing you have seen on the dance floor? Mostly people not paying attention and spilling their drinks on other people, almost every night this is witnessed!

What is the most scandalous thing you have witnessed while spinning? oh…. don’t get me started, I would have to say if you can think it, I have probably seen it. I’m amazed but for some reason people think when they are on a packed dance floor, they are like invisible to everyone, but they're not. Especially someone (me) who is above the crowd like a lifeguard, that can see everything. Come to think of it, I was a lifeguard for many years back in the day, so maybe that is why I feel so at home up there! :)

Which venue or party was your favorite to play at? I would have to say every night at every place I DJ is the best, because I am very thankful in this world that I can do this as a career and make a living making people have fun and dance! Although, I have had amazing moments, where I make sure to stop for 30 seconds, smile or laugh to myself and take it all in and say WOW, it’s silly I do this for a living, but at the same time I’m extremely grateful.

What do you love most about being a DJ? Making people forget their problems, making people smile and be happy, music mixed with a few drinks makes for one heck of a good night!

What song best describes you and why? Life, Love and Happiness - one of the best songs of all time!