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Gaslamp Gal: A ‘Situation’ at Ra, Stingaree

It was a fist pumpin’ Friday night, that’s for sure!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrento, star of MTV’s controversial show “Jersey Shore,” made his San Diego debut recently while hosting the “Guido & Guidette Ball” at top nightspot Stingaree. Before headed to the club, I was able to grab dinner with “The Situation” and some friends. We got some sushi and sake at Ra (LOVE their Viva Las Vegas roll!) and chilled for about an hour before the packed restaurant slowly began to realize that Jersey Royalty was in their midst. It took us exactly 20 minutes to walk from our booth - the closest to the door - to the Sting Hummer waiting out front. Amusingly, it was mostly dudes who wanted to bro-hug it out with "The Situation."

Once at the club, “The Situation” was definitely in his element, mixing and mingling with the crowd, even dancing in one of the club’s go-go cages, slowly unbuttoning his shirt for the packed club. True to what he told me was his drink of choice at dinner, he downed vodka & Red Bulls as hosts of hotties swarmed him in Stingaree’s first-floor VIP area. When the lights came on at 2 a.m., one blonde bombshell in particular seemed to have caught his attention, and she joined him (along with about 10 other girls) in the Hummer for an after party at their hotel.

The Gaslamp Gal, Lauren Clifford, is a twenty-something San Diegan who loves nightlife as much as she loves telling you about it. By day, she works at J Public Relations, a luxury lifestyle PR agency. You can get more of the Gaslamp Gal by following her on Twitter. This story first appeared on SDNN