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Adam Lambert News Update

(LOS ANGELES) Adam Lambert was arguably the top entertainer in 2009. From his surprising defeat on American Idol, to his controversial American Musical Awards (AMAs) performance, Lambert was the talk of the town.

This week the entertainment community was buzzing with two recent Lambert updates: 1) the complaints filed with the FCC were made public online, and 2) his rumored appearance on the ‘O’ Show.

The Advocate reports that the FCC received over 5,000 complaints regarding Lambert’s closing performance for the AMAs. While that may be old news, the new developing spin was a hot topic on Rolling Stone and MTV’s blogs. It appears that two websites, The Smoking Gun and Why Not Glambert, have both posted the complaints made to the FCC regarding Lambert’s choice in choreography, verbatim.

One need only read a few of the complaints to note the irony in the lewd language used characterizing his performance as indecent. Rolling Stone blogger, Daniel Kreps, noted that even more disturbing was the gross number of misspellings “that plagued a large number of the FCC letters." One author declared they were ‘truely disguisted’ and another called the performance ‘obsene.’ Another complainant said the ‘choreagraphy’ was inappropriate and even a Senior Pastor at a church threatened to ‘boycot’ ABC because of what they broadcast on ‘national televeicion’.”

Rolling Stone has also previously reported that due to “FCC heat,” Lambert’s AMA performance cost him appearances on ABC programs like Good Morning America, The Jimmy Kimmel Show and Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.

It has not however, cost him an appearance on the Queen of Television’s last season.

Yes, Adam Lambert will soon be making an appearance on the Oprah Show. MTV blogs and The New York Post were full of rumors that were finally confirmed by Lambert himself, when he tweeted on Thursday: (@adamlambert) Oprah: def true!!! :)