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Kathy Griffin- feisty in downtown La Jolla

“I slept with Ryan Seacrest four times…and he loved it more each time”.

Now that’s an exclusive if ever I’ve heard one. These could only be the words of outspoken comedienne, Kathy Griffin.

Everyone’s favorite D-lister was at Warwick’s bookstore in La Jolla this past week for the signing of her new book, Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin. Quite obviously referring to Oprah Winfrey in her title, the memoir appropriately includes a foreword in which Griffin begs the daytime talk show host for an invite to appear on her show.

Immediately after the four hour signing (and before heading off into the sunset with her chocolate cake) SDGLN managed to probe her about her new book and her plans for ringing in the New Year.

Said Griffin, “I read [a lot of memoirs] but my favorites were, obviously, Joan Rivers’ Enter Talking, Paula Deen’s It Ain’t All About the Cooking, and believe it or not, Barbara Walters’ Audition.

The sordidness included in her book is certainly not a bold departure from what we see and hear from Griffin on the TV.

Fans turned up en masse to support the lady who knows how to make you gasp and who isn’t afraid to put her desperation to be on the A-List out there for all to see. In the book, readers can also look forward to seeing photos of her well-publicized plastic surgery disasters. “It’s always good to be an inspiration in a disgusting way,” she added.

This coming Thursday, Griffin will ring in a very gay New Year on CNN alongside Anderson Cooper and Lance Bass. “Anderson Cooper is fantastic, and I’m happy to be his bitch for one night.”

And what would one of TV’s most outlandish stars have as their New Years resolutions? “Oh, well, definitely more swearing…more junk food…and just more negativity.” The rest of the list needed to be edited out due to it’s being overly explicit.

For all the KG fans out there, you can actually now sign a petition on Kathy’s website to get her on the Oprah Winfrey show…Here’s to Kathy Griffin.