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Local tavern discovers hangover cures that are worse than the hangover

Nobody likes a hangover, but there are some cures that may be worse than the hangover itself.

That shot of wisdom comes courtesy of the staff at Gaslamp Tavern, which, in honor of New Year’s Eve, has researched the bizarre methods used by people of various cultures to recover from the nausea and shakes that come the morning after a big bender.

The general consensus, however, is you’d have to still be three sheets to blitzed be crazy to try some of the methods.

For instance, back in the days of the Wild West, drunken cowboys would "cure" their hangovers by drinking a tea made out of dried rabbit droppings. No word on whether they added cream or lemon to this crappy concoction.

If that doesn’t get your stomach churning, try the solution used by 19th century chimney sweeps who got rid of their morning-after shakes by drinking warm milk flavored with a dash of soot.

Other bizarre hangover cures likely to have dubious value include a Russian remedy called the "Royal Peter"- which blends warm brandy with lots of pepper.

Sauced-up Aussies supposedly solve their day-after-drinking dilemmas by gulping down a raw egg seasoned with salt, vinegar, and cayenne pepper .

Back in the Middle Ages, the knights of old used to battle their hangovers by chowing down on bitter almonds and raw eels.

Some modern-day Puerto Ricans believe the best way to cure a hangover is by rubbing half a lemon under their armpits, while the drunks in outer Mongolia prefer slurping pickled sheep's eyes in tomato juice.

Finally, if your stomach is too queasy to handle any kind of food – even traditional faves like pancakes or Menudo – you can always try a little voodoo trick from Haiti and simply shove 13 black-headed pins into the cork or cap of the bottle of booze that got you blasted.

Happy drinking!