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Reading of David Zellnik's play "Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom" at Diversionary

(SAN DIEGO) Diversionary Theatre's Queer Theatre program will present a reading of David Zellnik's play Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom, a comedy set in New York in 1996, and is about (variously): disability, gay porn, the pharmaceutical revolutions of the 90s, Chairman Mao, and the rise and fall of post-AIDS euphoria. It is the story of how to construct a life, a sex life, and a friendship after ten years of believing you would die very soon. Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom has been described as quite funny, quite serious, part comic fantasy and part love story.

Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom has been performed in New York twice – it won the Off-Off Broadway Review's (OOBR) best play award, the All Out Arts best play award, a Jerome Grant, as well as some rave reviews from gay and straight papers alike from productions in New York and the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival. The central character and narrator, Puppy, is a writer of pornography whose life in a wheelchair has placed no shackles on his imagination. He is the emotional center of the play: a man who cares deeply for his friends, engineers their growth and reconciliations, and, unfortunately, receives the least of their sexual love, of which his cavalier writings belie his yearning."

This one night event will be held at Diversionary on Tuesday, November 17 at 7:30 P.M. Tickets are now on sale through the Diversionary Theatre Box Office.