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Political Cartoonist Earl Storm Releases His Collection of Duck-Toons in “Bush-Quackers”

(SAN DIEGO) – Quack City presents the newly published works of the popular internet Political Cartoonist, Earl Storm. The soon to be released book of highly anticipated poignant political cartoons of Buckminster Duck recounts the high/low-lights of the Bush Administration and confronts President Obama on current domestic and foreign affairs, including the Call for Accountability, LGBT Equality, Improved Foreign Relations, and Keeping Campaign Promises.

Storm’s collection of Duck-Toons entitled BUSH-QUACKERS – will be available at QuackCity.com and Obelisk Book Store in Hillcrest. Stroll through Quack City -- the irreverent and feather-boa version of Washington, DC - as Buckminster Duck takes a comical Bush-storical look backwards at the fodder, folly, and folderol of the BUSH-YEARS then waddles up to knock on Obama’s White House door.

Political Cartoonist Earl Storm has been involved in Equal Rights and Community Activism since the late 1970s. Earl’s Buckminster Duck has been published throughout the US in several publications, Gay-Lesbian Times, Southern California Weekly; Out-Loud, Denver, Colorado; and Stonewall News, Spokane Washington. As Buckminster’s popularity grew through regular newspaper appearances, Earl wanted to give back to the community who loved and related to his alter-ego. While in the position of Prevention Coordinator at Stepping Stone San Diego – a non-profit Drug and Alcohol recovery agency - Earl was able to help secure and manage a grant from the State of California for an HIV-Alcohol Awareness campaign called Don’t Duck Responsibility. By using Buckminster Duck as an ambassador of responsibility, Earl was able to raise consciousness of safe-sex practices within the Gay Community.

As a Gay man in his late-fifties, Earl Storm has experienced the social injustice of prejudice and inhumanity faced by the LGBT Community. By using the playful yet powerful humor of Buckminster Duck in BUSH-QUACKERS, he takes an honest and comical view of politics that affect us all, LGBT Equality, and Domestic and Global Policies.

Personalized Cartoon Strips of Buckminster Duck have also been known to be owned by a few fortunate and appreciative celebrities, such as Shirley MacLaine, Lily Tomlin, Whoopi Goldberg, and Julie Andrews.

Earl Storm is a Passionate Practitioner and a Certified Facilitator of The Artist’s Way, the quintessential Creativity Course by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan. Earl is the program’s only San Diego County certified facilitator with a successful practice in both the Creative and Business communities. Earl Storm has entertained and inspired many throughout the country with his expertise and unique approach to the Creative Process. This brings his students a profound and practical perspective to deepen the experience of their own vibrant creativity – both personally and professionally – enabling them to get past their blocks and re-ignite their own vibrant creativity.

Through his artistry and OUT-rageous Duck-toons of Buckminster Duck in Bush-Quakers and www.QuackCity.com , Earl Storm has created thought provoking and comical views to politics in this theater we call Washington, DC.