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The Pride of Argentina

There’s more to Argentina than Evita singing not to cry for her on a balcony. There is wine-tasting in Mendoza, glacier trekking and white-water rafting in Patagonia, and the incredible Iguacu Falls. There is also the best gay nightlife in South America and of course, those sexy Argentine boys.

If you like Houston pride, you will love Argentina Pride. This November, gay tour company Zoom Vacations will be leading a tribe of American boys to experience pride, South American style. We spoke with Zoom Vacation’s Bryan Herb.

Argentina is called the most gay-friendly city in South America.
Buenos Aires has the most liberal gay rights policies of any city in South America, and when you are there, the gay-friendly atmosphere is so evident.

Is it true the tango was originally danced by two men together?
That’s true! Men in Buenos Aires don't have the machismo hang-ups of most straight men.

Why is November the best time to travel to Argentina?
November is springtime in Buenos Aires, with the purple flowers and jacaranda trees in full bloom all over the city. It's the perfect fashion weather, and the best time to stroll Buenos Aires' designer boutiques. November is also Gay Pride in Buenos Aires.

Why should gay men travel to Argentina with Zoom Vacations?
Our trips are thoroughly researched and planned. We stay at the best hotels and dine at the premier restaurants. Our guests experience the real Buenas Aires, not the tourist traps. Throughout the trip, we delight our guests with pleasant surprises. At Iguacu Falls, for example, we will host an over-the-top cocktail party with great food and music, overlooking the dramatic falls.

How is the nightlife in Argentina?
Sensational! It starts really late. Like, crazy late. It's common to make dinner reservations for 10 or 11 pm. The bar and dance club scene is amazing. Men in Buenos Aires are famously stylish and attractive, but also nice and eager to meet Americans.

Will guests have an opportunity to meet the locals?
Yes, we believe a large part of experience a country is interacting with the locals. Our Buenos Aires local guides are Marcelo and Lucas. In addition to being knowledgeable, kind, and fun, they are also painfully hot and know everyone! They love to introduce men to their friends!

What’s on the itinerary?
We’ll be enjoying a wine-tasting in Mendoza, trek glaciers and take in some white-water rafting in Patagonia, ride horses and visit Iguacu Falls.

Will there be time to relax?
Relaxation is an art form in Bueno Aires! Our guests will have the opportunity to experience the real life of an Argentine. They can sleep in late, grab a coffee with their new Argentine friends, take in a spa and spend an afternoon shopping and people-watching at one of the city's many parks or grand boulevards.

To book your Argentina Pride vacation, call Zoom Vacations at 773 772-Z00M (9666) or visit www.zoomvacations.com.