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Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Carl DeMaio issues statement on transparency

From the release: "Carl DeMaio has been San Diego's leading open government watchdog for years and has been calling for increased transparency for nearly a decade – beginning when he helped uncover the city’s financial problems and brought them to public light."

PRESS RELEASE: Bonnie Dumanis calls for San Diego Education Leadership Summit

Mayoral Candidate Bonnie Dumanis announced plans to develop a regional Educational Leadership Summit as part of her ongoing commitment to reforming the San Diego Unified School District and implementing her ‘Framework for America’s Finest Schools.’

PRESS RELEASE: Dumanis releases 100-day plan

Bonnie Dumanis says that, if elected, in her first 100 days in office she will promote economic growth, protect quality of life, and transform government.

PRESS RELEASE: Bonnie Dumanis responds to pension reform ruling

San Diego District Attorney and Mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis released a statement in response to this morning’s ruling that will allow San Diego’s Comprehensive Pension Reform initiative to go before voters on June 5.