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Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: DeMaio calls shutdown a "failure of partisan politics"

Carl DeMaio expressed frustration with what he called the extreme positions and irresponsible leadership being shown within both political parties in Washington, DC that has led to both a government shutdown and the failure to enact serious fiscal and economic reforms.

Carl DeMaio supporters to host LGBT pool party on June 23

LGBT community members and other supporters of Carl DeMaio's campaign for the 52nd Congressional District seat are invited to a summer pool party at the home of Drew Auker and Arlon Jay Staggs on Sunday, June 23 from 1-3 pm.

Congressman Peters introduces Sally K. Ride Congressional Gold Medal Act

“I am proud to honor the ground-breaking career of Dr. Sally K. Ride, who became the first American woman in space 30 years ago today, by introducing this measure to award her with the Congressional Gold Medal. Beyond her career as an astronaut, Dr. Ride proved a role-model for women and girls across the country."

PRESS RELEASE: Dwayne Crenshaw picks up endorsements from primary opponents

Building on the Crenshaw campaign’s momentum moving toward the 4th District runoff election, the campaign is pleased to announce the endorsements of primary election candidates Blanca Lopez-Brown, Barry Pollard, Sandy Spackman, Tony Villafranca and Bruce Williams.