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When will LGBT equality reach the Muslim world

The World Pride Parade in 2012

Regardless of Omar Mateen’s sexuality or motive in executing 49 people at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, let there be no ambiguity about Islam’s position towards homosexuality. 

White LGBTQ community, I need your help against police harassment

People take part in a protest for the killing of Alton Sterling and Philando

I am always worried to the point of nail-biting when my spouse leaves in the morning for Boston Medical Center if she’ll return home to me, because she’s always stopped by the Cambridge or Boston police.

The complete moral bankruptcy of ‘LGBT For Trump’

And how could any LGBT people not stand with other minorities being blatantly attacked by Trump?

There are some notable LGBT Republicans who are not supporting Donald Trump, probably for the same reasons that many other Republicans aren’t supporting a man viewed not only as unfit for the job and unstable, but who breaks from GOP orthodoxy on several key issues. Ken Mehlman, for example, former George W.

Fighting the LGBT community’s invisibility

The LGBT community’s disappearing act also plays out in the provision of the most basic services.

In many ways, the history of the LGBT community is a history of battling invisibility. Since the dawn of time, society has tried to make us invisible. We gained strength as a community only by shedding that invisibility, coming out, and proudly saying who we are.

Gay and Middle Eastern in post-Orlando America

These are my reflections from the past 36 hours about the Orlando massacre.

These are my reflections from the past 36 hours about the Orlando massacre.


Letter to the Editor: politicizing the San Diego Orlando rally

The San Diego memorial rally for the victims of the Orlando attacks

[Editor's note - the "profanity and vulgar language" the writer of this letter is referring to is the statement made by LGBT activist Nicole Murray-Ramirez who said in his speech, "With all due respect to Donald Trump, it’s time for you to shut the f**k up!”]



Targeted act of a terrorist’s hate

Pulse, like most LGBTQ nightclubs across the country, was more than just a place to dance and drink.

June is LGBTQ pride month and parades and festivities abound month-long. Pride 2016 is particularly important because it marks the one-year anniversary of “Obergefell v. Hodges,” the historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

Boston Pride was last week with its signature Pride Parade extravaganza on Saturday.