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We need more Love Warriors

We need more Love Warriors.

Back in 2008, in San Diego, during the course of the entire No on 8 campaign, only around 9,000 volunteers took part in the campaign that entire year as we fought to protect our freedom to marry.

One of the challenges organizers faced when trying to recruit volunteers was folks claiming, “California is so progressive. This will never pass in California.” We lost that campaign. 

Loving a church that doesn’t love you

Loving a church that doesn’t love you.

Before the United Methodist Church (UMC) announced a proposal to split the denomination over “fundamental differences” regarding theological beliefs on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage, that Friday morning of January 3rd, I was on the phone with the Reverend Joel B. Guillemette, pastor of Sudbury UMC.

Who is free speech protecting these days?

Who’s free speech protecting these days?

Free speech is one of the cornerstones of American Democracy. However, what are the boundaries of free speech? In the current political milieu, the protection of free speech appears to have an amorphous and wide expanse when it comes to sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and xenophobic rants on many social media platforms and college campuses.

Whitney Houston comes out posthumously again

Whitney Houston comes out posthumously again.

Now in a moving memoir, “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston,” by Robyn Crawford depicts their friendship and love story.

Seven years after Whitney's death, Robyn Crawford says, "I'd come to the point where I felt the need to stand up for our friendship. And I felt an urgency to stand up and share the woman behind the incredible talent.”

When whiteness is mirrored back at itself

When whiteness is mirrored back at itself.

Sometimes the best way to look at oneself is through a play. Joshua Harmon’s timely and satirical drama “Admissions” is one such production, and it’s now appearing here in Boston.

Halloween unmasks our troubled history with race

Halloween unmasks our troubled history with race.

Halloween is one of America’s favorite yearly activities. Unfortunately, Halloween can be America’s scariest, too - especially for those of us seen as costumes you wear rather than the human beings that we are. Asian Americans, Native Americans, blacks, and Muslim women in burqas, hijabs, and Muslim men in turbans with beards are frequent targets of race-themed costumes.

Why black folks are the most forgiving 

Why black folks are the most forgiving.

Black Christians give away forgiveness like it’s confetti, and white Trump evangelicals give it away sparingly, if at all. As an African American, the act of forgiveness appears to be our immediate go-to place in the face of unimaginable racial honor done to us. 

I'm gay!

I'm gay!

His brutal murder in 1998 shook our community to our core. As we mourned and raged, we organized to ensure that his story was told in the national media and we worked to pass hate crime legislation.