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For every life lost, many more are impacted

The contrast between a life well-lived in peaceful surroundings and the lives of many who had to fight was stark and meaningful. Both reflect the impact an individual can have and both mirror the impact of lives working together for a common goal.

Reading, writing, and suicide watch?

These out-of-touch blame-gamers paint a picture of bullies harassing other kids right in front of the aloof principal, as he negligently turns his irresponsible eye. The problem is, bullies don’t harass their victims in front of school principals – and most bullying happens off school grounds or on the Internet.

"All men are created equal" - except in Mississippi

For today in Mississippi, all men are not created equal – especially if they are a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender person or a special-needs student.

Healing the inner wounds of service members

No matter how you feel about war and the military, it is important to accept that those who serve are not singularly responsible for what the collective bodies of our service branches do.

Alternative Investing: Limited partnerships

If 20 years ago you had been approached with the opportunity to own a piece of barren land between Interstate 15 and Interstate 5, would you have said yes?

Ballot initiative reform measure passes Assembly

A bill to raise the fee for qualifying a ballot measure for the first time in nearly seven decades has passed out of the Assembly, signifying a possible savings for taxpayers.

California may owe you money

Over 18,000 items of unclaimed property from the 75th Assembly District - valued at over $34 million - are being held by the state. Some of this property may be yours.