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GLAAD responds to DaBaby’s remarks, calling them homophobic and inaccurate

Last week, GLAAD and 10 HIV organizations released an open letter to rapper DaBaby requesting a private meeting to discuss the facts about HIV and how it is a preventable and treatable condition, and to discuss a long-term opportunity for him to share the education to his fanbase. The open letter was drafted and signed by organizations providing HIV education, capacity building, and direct services to people most impacted by HIV/AIDS, especially Black LGBTQ communities across the southern United States, which accounts for the majority of new HIV cases.

Read the full letter here

Signatories to the letter include including Arianna’s Center, Black AIDS Institute, GLAAD, The Normal Anomaly Initiative, Prevention Access Campaign, Relationship Unleashed, The 6:52 Project Foundation, and leaders from the Gilead COMPASS Initiative including Southern AIDS Coalition, Emory University, the University of Houston, and Wake Forest University. Additional supporting organizations are still being added to the letter.

The letter stresses that people living with HIV today, when on effective treatment, lead long and healthy lives and cannot transmit HIV, and shares under-reported facts about HIV/AIDS and how stigma like the kind DaBaby spread fuels fear, misinformation and new infections, particularly in Black communities.