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The San Diego LGBT Community Center's advocacy and the City of San Diego's budget

The San Diego LGBT Community Center's advocacy and the City of San Diego's budget

As we continue to witness inequities in healthcare and law enforcement across the country, The Center’s Advocacy team is focused on one significant opportunity to create greater equity in San Diego – through a more equitable City of San Diego budget, to better our San Diego region. One of the most critical parts of The Center’s Advocacy strategy is to work in coalition with other community and justice partners, as we know there is strength in numbers. The Center is proud to be a member of the Community Budget Alliance (CBA), and together with our partners, we are advocating for a more equitable San Diego City budget. The budgeting process is complex and starts months before the final vote this coming June; CBA and The Center have been working over the last several months to inform our community about the process and how you can make your voice heard by decision makers. 

 We are at a key point in the budget process, as Mayor Gloria released his initial budget proposal last week. The Center’s Advocacy Team is hard at work, evaluating the proposed budget, and coordinating our next steps to advocate to ensure our priorities are included.


Early in the year, both The Center and CBA released budget priorities, and then we each met with all nine City Councilmembers to talk through the importance and urgency behind our respective priorities. Each City Councilmember then wrote a budget memo of their own, identifying items they wanted included in the Mayor’s budget. Any item that was identified by at least five Councilmembers received analysis on cost, funding, impact, and more from Independent Budget Analyst (IBA) - this information was then released in a report linked here. Both the Councilmember’s budget memos and the IBA’s report were then sent to the Mayor’s office.

 The time is now for community input. In the next few months, there will be a series of public hearings for the public to share their support or concerns with the proposed budget. The Center and CBA will continue to communicate with Councilmembers and Mayor’s office to voice our support and/or concern for elements of the proposed budget. Based on feedback from Councilmembers and the community, on May 18th, the Mayor will then release a revised budget, and then the City Council will have a final chance to act. The final City Council vote on the budget is scheduled for June 14th. As this date draws closer, The Center will continue to provide opportunities for community input, we all need to work together for an equitable San Diego City budget.

 The Center believes the City’s budget is a moral document, one which should be equitable for all San Diegans no matter what community or council district they live in. We believe we have an opportunity to invest in communities who have been underserved for years and deserve access to the City’s critical services, while also stopping the longstanding growth in investment in the San Diego Police Department, which have seen a steady increase to their budgets year after year without decreases in crime. Now is the time for bold leadership from the City Council and the Mayor to create a more equitable budget for all San Diegans. We look forward to continuing to both advocate and help our community make their voices heard throughout this process.

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