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Open letter to the community regarding Lillian Faderman's resignation from the Lambda Archives

Open letter to the community regarding Lillian Faderman's resignation from the Lambda Archives

Open Letter to the San Diego LGBTQ+ Community:

San Diego Lambda Archives has lost an amazing treasure and champion in Lillian Faderman and I'm so very saddened by her resignation.

I was honored to volunteer and worked closely with Lillian on the San Diego LGBTQ+ Exhibit in Balboa Park! It was extremely important to me that the hard work, politics, organizations and culture of our S.D. Lesbian Community, that I'd been involved in for over 40 years was represented and acknowledged. Lillian Faderman with her vision and direction allowed strong Lesbian Visibility and inclusion. The Lesbian focused lectures were the most well attended, standing room only. All of the huge diversity that is with in our LGBTQ+ Community and history was represented in the exhibit under Lillian Faderman's leadership.

What is happening with The S.D. LGBT Center, S.D. Pride, and now Lambda Archives choosing to exclude representation of law enforcement from our LGBTQ+ organizations saddens me very deeply on so many levels!!! It is a slap in the face to all of us Pioneers who have dedicated our lives to tear down, fight and change the stereotypes of AIDS/HIV and LGBTQ+ communities that are pervasive in society and law enforcement.

Least we forget, brave LGBTQ+ members in past chose to join law enforcement and create change from within. We can not erase this piece of our LGBTQ+ history. Having served on the San Diego Police Liaison Committee networking and educating SDPD, for over 10 years in late 1980s - 1990s, I am deeply saddened, disheartened and embarrassed by these LGBTQ+ leaders, boards of directors, and organizations who have turned their backs on LGBTQ+ law enforcement members who put their lives at risk to break down bigotry and stereotypes in their work places.

Sadly, since March and Covid19, the volunteers including myself, have not been able to work at Lambda Archives and continue the important work archiving our S.D. LGBTQ+ history. I miss my weekly visits sharing our history and memories. I need to think long and hard weather I can volunteer for such organizations as S.D. Pride, The Center and now Lambda Archives. Groups that are choosing to discriminate and exclude members of our LGBTQ+ Community because of their career choice. Sadly, punishing, ignoring and discounting the history and contributions from a part of our diverse LGBTQ+ Community.

-Wendy Sue Biegeleisen